What is new in Arbutus Analyzer 6.2

Arbutus 6.20 - ODBC Explorer
Arbutus 6.20 - ODBC Explorer

Arbutus actively listens to its users and continously improves the software suite by adding modifications and new features.

Arbutus Analyzer, Server and ConnectPlus users with an active Maintenance & Support can download the latest software releases free of charge.

So, what is new in Analyzer 6.2?

Over 50 new or improved features that make it easier to access, analyze, and search for data, automate & schedule procedures, export results, notify stakeholders, and manage your licensing.

Alongside this 6.2 release, Arbutus is excited to launch ArbutusLearning – the new online learning portal. Get up to speed quickly and work at your own pace or refresh your Arbutus skillsets if you haven’t been to training in a while. Access to ArbutusLearning will be made available to all of our supported customers and current subscribers at no additional charge.

Arbutus Analyzer V6.2, as released in January 2019, includes the enhancements listed below and more.


  • A suite of new data connectors that support the most common data sources our customers work with (Active Directory, Excel, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.).

Speed time to visualization

  • Export directly to Tableau using the Tableau TDE format.

Arbutus SmartApps

  • Access to over 60 SmartApps automatically as part of the installation.

Expanded Fuzzy Matching

  • Improve audit findings with meaningful fuzzy matches – added functionality for Dice’s Coefficient.

Arbutus ODBC Explorer

Preview and format your data prior to downloading with this fullfeatured interactive app – query and join any ODBC/SQL data.

  • No need for table definition
  • Ability to select any combination of tables
  • Join multiple tables
  • Preview result in a window
  • Specify filtering on Sort criteria
  • View data in hex, for problem situations
  • Automatically create appropriate command syntax when satisfied

Arbutus QuickStats

  • See the total, average, and count on the status line by simply highlighting a range of cells in your view.

Excel related

  • Improved formatting so datetime fields display in Excel better when exported from Analyzer
  • Added a progress dialog when exporting to Excel XLSX
  • Fixed a bug where exporting to a file with multiple sheets updated the formatting on ALL sheets


  • Added support to restrict files from being moved from the server (avoid local storage on PC)
  • Server profile dialog now can have 2 servers to connect with (i.e. internal and external IP)
  • ODBC source data is automatically compressed when flattened


  • Server Profile information is now only written once for each unique user scheduling jobs, easing password maintenance
  • Server Profile information for each unique user gets updated automatically with password updates
  • Added support for users with security rights to edit/delete scheduled jobs submitted by others
  • Added support to kill orphaned scheduled jobs on the server

Managing activations

  • Added support so users can see all of the activations for their key/code
  • Added support so users can delete activations from within Analyzer

Procedures / scripting

  • Added support to DIALOG command to allow chosen table to be immediately opened/used
  • Added support to select multiple items from a project item dropdown
  • Added support for using macros with variable arrays from project items
  • Added support for allowing nested macros

Data definition wizard

  • Added several new connectors to allow for easier data access to common data sources
  • Added support to read HTTPS web URLS (server only)
  • Added speed search for ODBC fields
  • Added a check box to check for available space when flattening data from ODBC
  • Server-based ODBC tables now default to flatten the data (like local ODBC does)

(Project) Overview

  • Added support to update the local project folder contents via F5 or right-click
  • Added a right-click “Open as Secondary” for tables
  • Performing a block delete from the expanded Overview will immediately update the Overview


  • Improved NOTIFY so it will work with SSL and all email protocols
  • Improved the RELATION command so related tables can be shared across different regions/languages
  • Improved CROSSTAB so it now supports row and column totals as well as drilldown
  • Added support for OPEN to now have an additional PASSWORD parameter


  • Added SIZE to tell how many items are in a variable array
  • Changed EOMONTH to return only the data found in the source data (no time component returned now if the source data was just a date)

SAP (SmartLink)

  • SmartLink can now read tables of any width without needing to create a new RFC
  • SmartLink now compresses data imported from SAP
  • SmartLink can now join tables
  • SmartLink can now process in background mode
  • SmartLink automatically retrieves background jobs when processing is complete
  • SmartLink can now filter on time fields


  • ArbutusLearning – new Online Learning Portal
  • Improved how Workspaces are added and edited
  • Improved the ACL Project Converter
  • Preview data from ODBC sources without the need for a table definition
  • Added a warning message when the project is already in use
  • Added SmartApps automatically as part of the install
  • Added Back and Next arrow buttons to the button bar that allows tables to be re-opened based on the order in which they were opened
  • Added an editable area to enter an alternate code page value in Table Options tab or Edit Table Layout
  • Added the count, total and average for highlighted numeric “cells” in the view
  • Command dialog appears on the primary screen for those with multiple monitors

Review the “What’s new in Analyzer Version 6.2” PDF document for details.

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