What is Sepia Solutions about?

Sepia Solutions focusses exclusively on expert GRC / CAATs software. More particularly on these tools:

We deliver implementation projects from A to Z for our professional clients.
Typically, such implementation projects include following services:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Configuration workshops
  • Coaching and assistance during implementation
  • Consultancy
  • Development of customisations and automations
  • Technical support

This comprehensive approach invariably leads to well-controlled projects that are:

  • Completed on-time
  • Delivered within budget and lead to tangible results
  • The catalyst for further professional improvement

More information

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to be the catalyst for your data analysis project and to support your implementation of expert GRC software.

We look forward to be the catalyst for your data analysis project and to support your implementation of expert GRC software.

Alain Rousseau

Also, as member of and sponsor to the IIA Belgium, we regularly organise workshops or cooperate with them on various events.

We regularly announce workshops, events, and other news, so make sure to follow Sepia Solutions on LinkedIn to be kept in the loop!


I, Alain Rousseau, started Sepia Solutions in January 2010, because of a genuine interest in -and passion- for data analysis and audit management. This, combined with a drive for excellence resulted in Sepia Solution focussing on only two software products: Arbutus and Pentana.

This narrow focus on tools allows Sepia Solutions to be a one-stop-shop for these software tools and provide all related services from ranging from sales and advice to implementations and rollout, but of course also from training to development and consulting.

Passion for data analysis?

Yes, unmistakingly.

Not passion for the data itself, but for what you can do with a state-of-the-art data analysis tool using that data. Finding trends or anomalies, automating repetitive analyses, and in general doing unexpected things with such data analysis. In many ways, I find that it is really possible to be creative with the data and the various features of a data analysis tool like Arbutus.

Passion for audit managment?

Oh yes. A good audit management tool like Pentana provides audit teams with so many features. I always found the training sessions and configuration workshops not only good fun, but also challenging.

  • How to best implement the software to maximise the match with the audit department’s methodology?
  • How to best automate the audit report so that generating this report becomes a click of a button and results in a nicely formatted document?
  • How to most efficiently implement action tracking?

Such challenges are exilarating and bring out the best in us and in the implementation.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today so we can discuss your business requirements and explore fitting solutions.