Sepia Solutions provides these data analysis services based on the Arbutus Analyzer software.

Classroom training

  • Arbutus Analyzer – Data analysis fundamentals
  • Analyzer Procedures – Automations & Extensions


  • Data analysis workshop – Your data, your objectives
  • Development workshop – Automating your analysis

Consultancy & development

  • Performing data analytics (insourced expertise)
  • Development of (challenging) analysis procedures
  • Development and setup of automated data analytics

Start simple !

The key to successful data analysis (as well as automation), is to start simple. This might actually be harder than it appears, but it remains good advice.

As you progress though, you will most likely encounter complex data sources and structures as well as challenging analysis objectives.

Get in touch

Whether you are new to data analysis and are looking for a training on the fundamentals; do not have the inclination to dive into the data sets; or are looking for advice on automated analysis. Get in touch. We can provide the data analysis services you need … and we love a challenge.

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