Expert software for the GRC professional

Sepia Solutions focuses exclusively on these expert GRC software packages and excels at all related services such as deployment, training, workshops, customisations, development, consultancy and technical support.

Arbutus Analytics

The Arbutus technology empowers you to use all of your data to gain better business insights at speeds you never thought possible.

Schematic overview of the Arbutus Analytics platform
Arbutus Analytics platform

From desktop data analysis to continuous monitoring, Arbutus Analytics is the software of choice for all your data analysis endeavours.
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Ideagen Pentana

Ideagen Pentana is an extremely flexible GRC software supporting internal audit, compliance and risk management departments.

Pentana - Home screen
Ideagen Pentana

From audit planning to fieldwork testing, from findings to audit report and action tracking, Ideagen Pentana supports the team from A to Z.
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