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Sepia Solutions focuses exclusively on these GRC software packages:

In addition to these software packages, we deliver all associated services (implementation, training, consultancy, customisations, etc.) related to these software packages.

Arbutus Analyzer

Data Analysis, Migration and Reporting

Arbutus Analyzer - Classify to graph
Arbutus Analyzer – Classify to graph

The Arbutus technology is designed to support easy access and analysis of data from a wide variety of data sources and data types, and to process commercial data volumes, with minimal involvement from IT personnel. Discover the Arbutus software and functionality.

Ideagen Pentana

The next generation GRC software

Pentana - Home screen
Pentana – Home screen

Ideagen Pentana is a comprehensive Audit, Compliance and Risk Management software suite facilitating and supporting your Audit Methodology, Compliance efforts and Risk Management from A to Z.

Optimised for usage over WAN and slow networks, providing off-line working capabilities and extensive features, this software is ideally suited to support your team and methodology. Discover the Pentana features will benefit you.

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