Arbutus Certified Trainer: Quality guaranteed

February 14, 2020

Arbutus Certified Trainer Intermediate Level
Arbutus Certified Trainer

Alain Rousseau becomes Arbutus Certified Trainer

In February 2020, Arbutus Software Inc. issued Alain Rousseau the “Arbutus Certified Trainer” certificate.

Arbutus organised their very first Global Partner Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. In combination with this event several of the Arbutus worldwide partners had to demonstrate their thorough knowledge of the fantastic Arbutus Analyzer data analytics tool as well as their teaching skills.

This certificate clearly demonstrates that Sepia Solutions can indeed provide quality training on Arbutus for you, the data analysis experts (to be?).

The goal of a trainer is to share and transfer the knowledge.

Alain Rousseau

Approach to certification

All trainers being certified first need to go through the training manual themselves of course (including the exercises).

In addition, the trainers need to have completed all the courses and tutorials available on the ArbutusLearning platform. These online resources are actually very good for all data analysts that are Getting Started with Arbutus or need a refresher on the use of Expressions and the comprehensive Functions.

Subsequently, the trainers need to prove their understanding of these materials by passing the online tests and quizzes.

Alain Rousseau - Sepia Solutions completed this Certified Trainers track February 2020.

Finally, all trainers must have demonstrated not only their thorough understanding of the Arbutus data analysis software and approach to data analytics, but also their communication and training skills. After all the goal of a trainer is not only to “know” but to “share and transfer the knowledge“.

Why does this matter to you?

Arbutus Certified Trainer = Assurance of quality

This Arbutus Certified Trainer certificate assures you of getting a qualified trainer with a profound knowledge of the Arbutus software, the training materials and training approach.

Standardised training approach

Training manual

Certified trainers will use the standard Arbutus issued training manual and will provide this book to the trainees. This training book covers all fundamentals of Arbutus Analyzer and includes practical exercises on the provided training data.

Training data set

In addition to the book, the trainers will make a set of data and project files available to the trainees. These training files contain various data sets with many different fields and diverse content. The trainees can use these data files for all practical exercises. As a boon, the trainers know what the “solutions” to the exercises are and so are well-prepared to point out potential errors or pitfalls.

Your personal challenges

Even though the training manual and training data sets are standard, there will still be some time to look into your data or analysis challenges. Depending on your objectives, time may be too short to come to a full analysis, but a plan (which may include advanced training or workshops) can certainly be formulated.

Challenge us

All organisations are unique, all data environments are equally unique. So, challenge us with your data, your requirements, your objectives and let us find that win-win situation. We like a challenge!

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