Implementing audit software from A to Z

Implementing audit software from A to Z
Implementing audit software from A to Z

Sepia Solutions

Sepia Solutions has been implementing audit software for various clients (with departments of varying sizes) in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and on occasion Germany since 2010.

Organisations such as the National Bank of Belgium, Heineken, Argenta, Van Lanschot Kempen, Daikin Europe, AGC Europe, Achmea, BDO, and HeidelbergCement can attest to the added value of our professional approach to implementating GRC software. From training to completion of the implementation we ensure that the tool supports the methodology of the client from A to Z.

Your audit methodology

You are an experienced professional you have tuned your audit manual to your organisation (respecting the IIA framework of course). Your audit methodology supports your audit process from A to Z. Then surely you expect the same from your audit tool and implementation project? You mean to maintain your methodology. After all, the audit software should adapt to your way of working, not the other way around. And right you are!

Pentana audit management software

The comprehensive audit management tool “Pentana” is extremely flexible. Pentana literally supports all phases of the audit process. This includes audit planning and execution, fieldwork testing, documenting findings, automaticaly generating the report and even action tracking. In addition you (yes you, not an external consultant) configure the software so that it supports your own audit methodology without major modifications (but very likely some improvements and efficiency gains).

Our implementation approach

Implementing audit software is truly our passion and so we do this thoroughly and professionally. Our approach typically includes following phases:

Pentana implementation approach - Overview
Pentana implementation approach – Overview
Pentana implementation approach - Installation

Sepia Solutions, together with your ICT department, takes care of the technical installation of the software on your infrastructure.

Pentana implementation approach - Training

We train the “key users(a.k.a. “ambassadors” or “custodians”) so that they understand the main components of the software and know how to use them.

Pentana implementation approach - Workshops

Together, we start the population and configuration of the various aspects of the audit management software.

Pentana implementation approach - Populate and configure

The key users continue the population (audit universe, audit steps, users, …) and configuration (roles & permissions, terminology, segmentations, …) of the software . Naturally we assist where necessary.

Pentana implementation approach - Automate templates

We automate your existing announcement letter and audit report template so that the audit information is automatically inserted into the document.

Pentana implementation approach - Customize

If required, we develop additional customisations such as additional database fields or email notification rules.

Pentana implementation approach - Go-live

The key users brief the other auditors and start using the audit management software.

Pentana implementation approach - Support

Even after the implementation and go-live, you can continue to count on us for functional and technical support.

The result?

Audit management software in line with your methodology

This way, you can implement audit software from A to Z, with your own trained people, keeping to your own audit approach and your own terminology. Afterwards, you do not need an external consultant to modify the configuration, to adapt the audit universe, or to change permissions for an auditor, etc. You maintain full autonomy … and should you still have a question, you can always contact our helpdesk.

Choose for professionalism

Stop settling for a shared network drive and a collection of MS Word templates! Instead, opt resolutely for the efficiency and professionalism of a world-class audit management software implemented from A to Z with experience and passion!

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