Timesheets and reporting in Pentana

Pentana - Actual audit time per year
Pentana - Actual audit time per year

This page focuses on following features in Pentana related to time recording (timesheets) and reporting:

Time recording


Pentana - Time Recording
Pentana – Time Recording

Using Pentana, members of the audit team can document how much time they spend on audit work (specifying the audit and component) or other tasks such as meetings, training or even vacations.

The key users configure the system specifying that timesheets are per week, per month (or other interval), whether the weekends are included and whether the entered value each day must match the length of a normal working day.



Pentana - Time Reporting
Pentana – Time Reporting

The standard yet extensive analysis features are available to generate overview reports based on the recorded timesheets.

Typical questions that can be answered this way include:

  • Direct versus indirect: How much “audit time” is recorded compared with other tasks?
  • Which auditors have not completed their time sheets?
  • How much time is spent in preparation, fieldwork, reporting during audits?

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