Sepia Solutions becomes IT-Provider sponsor to IIA Belgium

March 24, 2016

IIABel and Sepia Solutions formalise partnership
IIABel and Sepia Solutions formalise partnership

IIABel and Sepia Solutions formalise partnership

This partnership illustrates that we are indeed committed to both our clients and to the GRC community in general.

We have sponsored and participated in several CAATs events in the past. Now, we have formalised and extended this partnership to work more closely together on various initiatives.

What does this mean?

For one thing it means that Sepia Solutions recognizes the IIA and IIA Belgium as the organisation representing hundreds of auditors in Belgium and the work the IIA and IIA Bel do for those auditors and CAE’s.

Being a “sponsor” naturally also means making a financial contribution to the IIA Bel, so that this organisation can further invest their efforts to the benefit of its members.

Finally, it also means that those who attend IIA events will see more of us. Not in the least will Sepia Solutions again be hosting sessions on GRC software during the next CAATS event in 2018.

What can we do for you, more directly?

Sepia Solutions sponsoring IIA Bel is all well and good and we hope it benefits you. However, such benefit is likely to be rather indirect. So, what might we do for you more directly? Perhaps we can illustrate our wonderful expert GRC software?

Just a free presentation, no obligations, no risks, only additional insights!

    Let's discuss your objectives ...

    Of course you can read all the information on this website, that is why we put it up there. Still, a dialogue is much better suited to discuss your environment, and your objectives. We can present our offering and explore how it best suits your organisation and how we can attain the biggest added value.

    Contact us today for a no-strings-attached introduction!

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