Webinars featuring Arbutus Analytics

Arbutus Software inc. regularly hosts webinars featuring Arbutus Analytics, interesting case studies and/or specific features of the specialised data analysis software.

These webinars are always announced well beforehand (typically by email or in the Arbutus Analytics User Group). Past webinars remain available online as recordings.

Webinars featuring Arbutus Analytics

The library of Arbutus webinars currently includes following titles:

Making your point:
Selecting the right visualization

Choosing the right type of graph can be a quick shortcut to making your point. In this webinar, we examine the different types of graphs and the selection criteria for maximum impact. […]

The calculating analyst:
Ensuring precision and managing obscure date formats

Review some principles of mathematical precision and processing. Learn to identify some unfamiliar date formats and how to manage them effectively. […]

Low Code/ No Code functionality

Understand the current state of Low Code/No Code functionality and review the benefits as well as possible areas of concern. Sharing examples of how to build such analytics with a focus on the new Arbutus version 7 workflows. […]

Actionable analytics that deliver

This webinar provides an approach you can use to identify the data, the analytics, and the recommendations that you can make – based on the results of your analysis. It demonstrates how to use Arbutus Analyzer to perform analytic procedures that you can easily re-perform yourself. […]

Enhanced fraud detection with data analytics

This session raises awareness about the various types of frauds and how they can be detected using automated data analysis techniques. Take a look at the ACFE report to the nations – 2020 global study on occupational fraud and abuse. […]

Keyword analytics

Part 1: Learn about the data you should target for searches, the many ways to search for keywords, and which keywords to look for. […]
Part 2: Take a look at what data characteristics are worth examining for potential concentrations and how to integrate them into your analytics. […]

What you need to know about data

Most users are not aware of the variety of character sets, underlying binary codes and non-printable characters. This webinar will cover the basics of data including file formats and structures, metadata, and data types. Learn to understand the implications of data conversion and how to reduce the need for technical support. […]

Risk-scoring journal entries using data analytics

Assessing the risk when auditing journal entries can be challenging, and the topic lends itself well to data analytics. We’ll examine multiple metrics that contribute to the risk assessment of the individual postings as well as the accounts and employees concerned. […]

Automated analytics

Establish a more impactful & sustainable framework for Analytics. This webinar showcases how data analytics can help drive organizational learning (human and machine) from the various remediation processes. […]

When is a duplicate not a duplicate:
Identifying fuzzy duplicates has never been easier

Arbutus Analyzer’s versatile functionality enables even new users to detect possible duplicate payments, vendors sharing similar addresses, and counter parties who may be on government watch lists. This webinar includes nine different scenarios with detailed descriptions of the tests and their results. […]

Striving for data analytics excellence

Presented by ATCO, this webinar explains how they have evolved its internal audit practice through embedding data analytics within their audit shop. […]

Design and automate fraud fighting analytics

Organizations can take a proactive approach to fraud detection and prevention using forensic data analytics. Learn to apply the latest analytic techniques to detect fraud, design agile exception reports and find simple ways to delegate exception analytics. […]

The balance sheet – Episode 1: Accounts receivable

  • Three controls related to customers within the group, aging analysis, & top 20 customers
  • Using Smart Search, Aging and Classify for accounts receivable
  • Key recommendations to follow up on your findings […]

The balance sheet – Episode 2: Accounts payable

  • Three controls related to duplicate supplier invoices, suppliers within the group & top currency risks
  • Using Duplicates, Quick filter and Summarize for accounts payable
  • Key recommendations to follow up on your findings […]

The balance sheet – Episode 3: Cash accounts

  • Three controls related to authorization levels, middle-man transactions & high value transactions
  • Using Extract, Join and Quick Sort for cash accounts
  • Key recommendations to follow up on your findings […]

Improve the performance of your audit analytics program

Combine audit-specific analytics with data visualization tools to drive improved performance, better outcomes and more business value. Learn why data-driven auditing can save time and increase audit assurance, coverage and quality. […]

Tracking down outliers with data analytics

This webinar explains the significance of outliers when testing transactions and demonstrates steps to identify outliers using statistical methods. […]

Structuring your organization for success with data analytics

Understand the four different models for the management of data analytics in Internal Audit departments. Learn the key characteristics of each model, as well as strengths and weaknesses. […]

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