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Arbutus YouTube videos

Arbutus Analytics has posted several videos on Youtube. You can find the collection of these videos on this page, including a short summary or topic. In addition, at the end of this page you can find videos created by others; typically distrubutors of the Arbutus software.

Videos by Arbutus Analytics

Corporate video

Arbutus Analytics – Coporate video

Analyzer 7.0 features

Arbutus Analytics – Visualisations


When presenting audit findings, graphs and charts can be effective in highlighting areas of risk and supporting your audit recommendations.

Although tables of data are common within the data analytics community, our audiences may not always be able to interpret them readily.

Choosing the right type of graph can be a quick shortcut to making your point.

Masking sensitive data

Enable data analytics on ALL of your data while ensuring data security.

Mask critical data with the Hash() function.

Maintain your effectiveness and efficiency without compromising confidentiality.

Arbutus Analytics – Masking sensitive data

Arbutus Analytics – Drag & drop Pivot tables

Drag & drop pivot tables

Immerse yourself in your data using powerful, interactive, drag & drop pivot table analytics. –

Get immediate on-screen feedback as results change dynamically based on what you’ve just tried.

The Quick Search feature helps you find Arbutus objects in the Overview and in the project.

This is a big time-saver when working on complex projects containing multiple tables, views, folders, and procedures.

Arbutus Analytics – Quick Search

Arbutus Analytics – Creating a new Workflow

Creating a new Workflow

Workflows are easy to design, build, edit, and debug. Watch this short video demonstrating steps to create a workflow in Analyzer Version7 – The graphic representation of a logical analytic flow is much more intuitive than pages of code, eliminating the need for any programming experience.

If you can understand a flowchart, you can build a workflow.

Your team can quickly grasp the analytics that you have built.

Executing a Workflow

After execution, the workflow can indicate which steps, if any, have failed. This is a useful feature that helps you address any errors.

Arbutus workflows can display the number of records that are processed at each node.

The Data Preview screen can aid you in visually confirming the results of the analytics.

Arbutus Analytics – Executing a Workflow

More Arbutus YouTube videos by third parties

Arbutus Analytics
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