Training course evaluation form


Training course evaluation form

We continuously strive to improve our training courses and offerings. Your submitting this evaluation form will help us do that. We therefore really appreciate you taking the time to complete this course evaluation form.

Thank you for attending our training.

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    Training evaluation

    1. What was your overall impression of the course?

    2. The stated prerequisites were appropriate and sufficient.

    3. The course learning objectives were clearly stated.

    4. The course learning objectives were met.

    5. The instructor was knowledgeable on the topics.

    6. The instructor presented the topics clearly.

    7. The instructor was helpful in answering questions.

    8. The number of activities was appropriate.

    9. The time allotted for activities was appropriate.

    10. What is your overall impression of the activities?

    11. How would you rate the overall quality of the training manual.

    12. The training manual helped to achieve the learning objectives.

    13. The visual aids used were appropriate and helpful.

    Additional comments

    Thanks again, we hope to see you again at one of our trainings, or perhaps one of our planned webinars.