Webinar: Basic data analysis concepts

February 7, 2023

Invitation to Webinar: Basic data analysis concepts

Basic data analysis concepts

In this free webinar we illustrate basic data analysis concepts using Arbutus Analyzer and the MS Windows system files.

Starting from a new data set of about 500.000 records available to us all, we create additional fields to compute values based on existing data fields and even add conditions and information to the data using functions.

Next we run some basic data analytics commands such as COUNT, TOTAL and STATISTICS, but also more advanced commands such as CLASSIFY, SUMMARIZE and DUPLICATES.

Based on filters we are able to zoom in on certain records (i.e. identify records of interest) before finishing the webinar with some visualisations.

Arbutus Analyzer Table of MS Windows files

For this webinar we use a unique data set that is -in a way- available to us all and we can already promise some unexpected results from this simple data analysis!

You can follow this analysis along, or try this out yourself later as we provide the analysis procedure (i.e. executable script) to all attendees.

If you don’t already have the software, you can request an Arbutus Analyzer trial license to try it out.


Alain Rousseau portrait picture

Alain Rousseau is the driving force behind Sepia Solutions. He has focussed on audit software tools since 2007 and implemented data analysis tools and audit management tools at dozens of organisations in different departments.

With a mixed background of technology and business, Alain is the ideal interface between business users and software developers. His in-depth understanding of both the software and audit profession also makes him an excellent trainer and consultant for these software packages.

Practical details

SubjectBasic data analysis concepts
Type of eventWebinar
WhenTuesday, February 7th 2023
11:00 – 12:00 CET (Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, …)
What does it costThis is a totally free webinar; no strings attached.
Registration is mandatory.
CPE pointsIf you are a member of IIA Belgium and require CPE points,
make sure to also register for this event on the IIABel website.

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    Wish to evaluate Arbutus Analyzer yourself ?

    Do you wish to evaluate Arbutus Analyzer yourself?
    Well then, initiate your request right now!

    We will get in touch with you to discuss your organisation, your data analysis objectives, your data sources, your project and the the evaluation criteria.

    When your request has been approved, we will assist you in installing the software and evaluation license, accessing your data sources and running analyses. You will be able to evaluate the software's full capability. So what are you waiting for?

    Fill out this form and we will take it from there.

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