What is Arbutus Analyzer?

Arbutus architecture diagram
Arbutus architecture diagram


Arbutus Analyzer is a powerful data access and analysis solution that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyze data quickly and simply. Its robust performance and easy to use features gives you the shortest route to answers in your data. Analyzer is used as part of a desktop-based analytics approach that gives users of all levels the ability and confidence to perform difference making analysis.

How Analyzer sets itself apart

Arbutus Analyzer: Capabilities


An unparalleled combination of desktop based data access and analysis capabilities.

Arbutus Analyzer: Performance


Difference making performance: from Big Data to simple spreadsheets, Analyzer is optimized to give the fastest performance when processing your analytics.

Arbutus Analyzer: Development


Product development and support that makes Analyzer the technology leader for audit analytics.

Arbutus Analyzer: Licensing options

Licensing options

Flexible, budget friendly licensing options. Whether you are currently using a different analytics solution or are looking to adopt this type of technology of the first time, there are many options available for licensing Analyzer.

Powerful features

  • Data access
    Analyzer can help you access all of your data regardless of where or how it is stored.
  • Data integrity
    Analyzer allows you to preserve and verify the integrity of your source data.
  • Data profiling
    Analyzer allows you to profile your data to understand its key attributes.
  • Data analysis
    Built-in analytics that are designed to give you insightful results quickly.
  • Usability
    Analyzer is a technology that is friendly for both individual use and team collaboration.
  • Audit-specific
    Analyzer has the unique requirements of auditors covered from self-documenting log file to sample selection and more.
  • Multiple data sources
    Analyzer makes multiple, disparate data sources into opportunities, not barriers, for audit examination.
  • Advanced
    Go beyond what your current tools offer with Analyzer.

How it works

Arbutus architecture diagram
Arbutus architecture diagram

You can deploy Analyzer on either a physical or virtual desktop environment. You can use it as a stand-alone application for analytics or as part of a comprehensive centralized data access and analysis configuration.

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