Arbutus Analyzer trial license

Screenshot of Arbutus Analyzer 7, illustrating sunburst graph.
Arbutus Analyzer - Sunburst graph

Arbutus Analyzer

Arbutus Analyzer is the cornerstone and workhorse of the Arbutus Analytics platform.

It is a powerful and purpose-built software solution with which you can access large data sets from various sources to analyse that data efficiently and professionally. Its robust performance and easy to use features provide you the shortest route to answers in your data. Analyzer can be used as a stand-alone application for analytics or as part of a centralized data access and analysis configuration.

Try out the software yourself

Do you wish to experience the power of Arbutus Analyzer , then request your evaluation license and quicky start to …

  • import large data sets
  • access legacy or exotic data formats
  • analyze millions of records
  • identify data validation errors
  • find gaps or duplicates in data sets
  • combine different tables together
  • export reports to other applications
  • automate data analysis procedures
  • test the SmartApps

    Wish to evaluate Arbutus Analyzer yourself ?

    Do you wish to evaluate Arbutus Analyzer yourself?
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