FPS Finance awards “ACL Analytics” contract to Sepia Solutions

FOD Financiën vervangt ACL met Arbutus Analyzer

FPS Finances awards "ACL Analytics" contract to Sepia Solutions

In November 2017, the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance (FOD Financiën) tendered for “ACL Analytics or similar” software licenses. They announced the tender on e-Procurement and TED (tenders electronic daily).

The software criteria

As FPS Finance was already familiar with ACL and had existing ACL projects, the tender included criteria related to the software’s features. The proposed software should be compatible with ACL or would require only minimal rework of existing data analysis projects.

Sepia Solutions proposed Arbutus

Sepia Solutions, in combination with Arbutus Software Inc. submitted the proposal based on Analyzer in January 2018.

Arbutus is compatible with ACL

The core of the Arbutus Analyzer tool so similar to ACL that most (if not all) ACL commands also exist in Analyzer. Even more, you can use an existing ACL project. Analyzer will automatically convert the ACL project to the Arbutus structure. So rework and especially retraining of data analysis experts is reduced to a minimum. In addition, there are many features and options available in Analyzer that do not exist in ACL.

FPS Finance awards contract to Sepia Solutions

FPS Finances awards "ACL Analytics" contract to Sepia Solutions
FPS Finances awards “ACL Analytics” contract to Sepia Solutions

In September 2018, we received the welcome news that the FPS Finance awarded the contract to Sepia Solutions and Arbutus. Again, they published this on TED (tenders electronic daily).

FPS Finance replaces ACL with Arbutus Analyzer

So, now we have hundreds of e-auditors at the FPS Finance (FOD Financiën) that use Arbutus Analyzer.

Fast forward to the future

This is not the end of the story! As you can read here, a later tender confirmed their choice and our commitment.

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