FPS Finances use of Arbutus Analyzer

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As reported earlier: in November 2017, the Belgian Federal Public Service Finances (NL: FOD Financiën, FR: SPF Fin) tendered for “ACL Analytics or similar” software licenses. In September 2018, we received the welcome news that the FPS Finance awarded the contract to Sepia Solutions and Arbutus. Over the next 5 years we have assisted the Belgian tax auditors and their colleagues where necessary and provided access to the Arbutus eLearning platform.

What is Arbutus Analyzer?

Arbutus Analyzer is a powerful data access and analysis solution that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyse data quickly and simply.

This versatile and purpose-built data analysis tool knows no data size limit, approaches data in a read-only mode and automatically created an audit log by writing all commands and results to a log file.

It can be used as a stand-alone application for analytics or as part of a comprehensive centralized data access and analysis configuration.

Its robust performance and easy to use features give you the shortest route to answers in your data.

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Tender renewed

In March 2023, FPS Finances (NL: FOD Financiën, FR: SPF Fin) published a follow-up tender for the data analytics software Arbutus Analyzer. At the end of June, FPS Finances attributed the tender to Sepia Solutions, the Belgian Arbutus partner. As before, both Sepia Solutions and Arbutus Software Inc. will do our outmost to provide the flexible and powerful data analytics software Arbutus, learning opportunities and technical/functional support.


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