Sepia Solutions to support IIA’s “Master Class Internal Audit Essentials”

Jean-Pierre Garitte (IIA Bel) and Alain Rousseau (Sepia Solutions) agree to work together on master class for Internal Auditors
Jean-Pierre Garitte (IIA Bel) and Alain Rousseau (Sepia Solutions) agree to work together on master class for Internal Auditors

A new initiative by Institute of Internal Auditors – Belgium

At the General Assembly (May 17th 2019) the Institute of Internal Auditors – Belgium announced this new initiative: a master class for internal auditors.

Master Class Internal Audit Essentials

The Internal Audit Academy of the Institute of Internal Auditors – Belgium has developed a new Master Class Internal Audit Essentials program to prepare junior internal auditors for this essential yet challenging job.

The Master Class Internal Audit Essentials is built around three key components:

  • the preparation of an internal audit engagement,
  • the execution of the engagement and
  • the reporting of the audit observations.
Master Class Internal Audit Essentials – Course overview Source: IIA Bel

The course will consist of classroom sessions starting 12 September 2019, self-study, business cases, practical exercises, and sessions with coaches. In the end, the participants will have to write a final paper by September 2020 which they will present in public.

The information above has been taken from the course description by IIA Bel. Visit the IIA Bel website for more information or registration for this program.

Sepia Solutions to participate

Out of interest in the topic, Alain Rousseau (Sepia Solutions) will participate in the training just like the other attendees or “students”. Having been active in the Internal Audit and GRC sector, this formal training will result in an even better understanding of the various challenges the internal auditor faces and the tasks the auditor needs to perform. Overall, this again emphasises our commitment to the internal audit and GRC arena.

I have been active in the internal audit sector -though not as an auditor- since 2007. This formal training will provide me with additional insights related to this fascinating and essential function. I will better understand some of the typical challenges and what is expected from an internal auditor throughout the execution of the engagements.

Alain Rousseau – Sepia Solutions

Sepia Solutions will support this master class

As soon as we heard about this new initiative by the Institute of Internal Auditors – Belgium, we reached out to them. It has been on our mind for a long time, to work together with educational institutes. The goal is simple: introduce not only the theoretical concepts and certain soft skills essential to the job, but also make the students work with software tools that will help them in their work. This way, graduates of such courses will have learned the valuable skills of working with expert purpose-built audit software.

Pentana audit management software

Sepia Solutions will support this “Master Class Internal Audit Essentials” with the Pentana audit management software.

That is to say, Sepia Solutions will make this software available to the facilitators, coaches and students for the duration of the course. They will all work with Pentana throughout all phases of the course, as they would during a normal engagement. This means from the planning of the engagement, the execution and finally the reporting.

Pentana - Audit methodology
Pentana – Audit methodology

The Pentana audit software supports all aspects of internal audit and is extremely flexible. It can support much more of internal audit processes (risk-based planning, to action tracking to name just two), but those three parts (planning, execution, and reporting) are the scope of this training course.

We know how to implement Pentana. After all, we have done this for many other organisations. So we will make sure to optimally configure the tool for this classroom experience.

Sepia Solutions will take care of the hosting of the software, provide support and be on-site during the classroom sessions to assist users or address questions about the use of the software.

Do you want to know more?

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