Arbutus case studies

Arbutus Software Inc. has published these case studies illustrating how certain clients have addressed specific challenges by implementing Arbutus technology.

Although these case studies are not by Sepia Solutions clients, they are relevant examples of the type of objectives that can be achieved using Arbutus Analytics software. The documents were originally published by Arbutus Software inc.

Continuous auditing & monitoring

ME Elecmetal, global supplier of solutions for mining increases productivity with continuous auditing and monitoring.

  • Faster response time
  • Effective ream integration
  • Automation of SAP processes

Working within the authorization privileges of the SAP system, they now have direct, independent access to all SAP tables, enabling unlimited areas of analysis. When combined with the data access capabilities outside of the SAP system, the combination of Arbutus Analyzer and Smartlink+ makes possible new, impactful analysis for our audit team. [download case study]

Continuous monitoring & automation

National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) is an independent non-profit institute that focuses on most critical research areas.

  • Run scheduled analytics
  • Significant time reduction
  • More flexibility

NARLabs has generated a number of important, tangible, and valuable results since they began using Arbutus. They can now run designated audit procedures in Arbutus; scheduling on a continuous basis. They’ve realized significant time savings when deploying, testing and running analytics, both from head office and when in the field, saving countless work hours. [download case study]

Protecting taxpayer funds

The National Revenue Agency (NRA) is a specialized government body, subordinate to the Minister of Finance.

  • Detect fraud & financial abuse
  • Import in different file formats
  • Perform analysis
  • Export results

With Arbutus, the NRA team of professional auditors has significantly increased the number and effectiveness of conducted audits, which has helped to increase the detection of tax fraud and financial abuses. In the past year alone (2017) Arbutus was used in 624 control proceedings. [download case study]


A worldwide group of Energy and Utilities companies with approximately 7,000+ employees and assets of $19B+

  • 750,000+ records
  • Analyzed 250,000+ credit card transactions
  • Identified 160 high risk employee/vendor matches
  • 2000 records for further investigations.

The analysis allowed the IA team to gain massive efficiencies and quickly identify control breakdowns, root causes underlining the exceptions for management to address and remediate. Some of the exceptions around the credit card analysis include: high-risk personal purchases; employee status change not being updated; purchases non-compliance with company policies; multiple credit cards assigned to single employee and credit limits that were higher than they should’ve been. [download case study]

Protecting your bottom line

One of the largest food and drug retailers in the USA with over $25B in revenue, 2,000+stores operating in 30+ states

Arbutus developed and implemented a full suite of analytics procedures/scripts to define an average of 1.5million inventory records, plus supplementary data needed from other disparate systems.

Arbutus Analyzer was then used to prepare and analyze the massive data tables, incorporating and harnessing powerful commands such as joins, summarize and cross-tab to produce multiple outputs, one of which was an exception list (average of 10 anomalies) that would require further review and investigation by local management. [download case study]

SOX testing

One of the largest foodservice distributors in the USA provides approximately 400,000 fresh, frozen, and dry food stock-keeping units (SKUs), as well as non food items, sourced from 4,000+ suppliers.

Using Arbutus Analyzer, company was able to have an expanded and more comprehensive risk coverage without increasing their budget, not to mention the time savings.

The IA team deployed 10 analytics automated via Arbutus Procedures/Scripts to conduct tests around IBM baseline, system access, terminations, user provisioning and key reports. [download case study]

More Arbutus case studies?

The Arbutus case studies above have been published by Arbutus Software Inc. The following success story has been documented by a client of Sepia Solutions:

Using continuous monitoring based on Arbutus technology, our client was able to report exceptions, improve business processes and save over € 4 million.

Automated analytics: Continuous monitoring saves € millions

Using Arbutus technology, our client was able to report exceptions, improve business processes and save over € 4 million. [read success story]

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