Sepia Solutions becomes Pentana’s first “Platinum Partner”

April 25, 2013

Sepia Solutions: Ideagen - Platinum Partner
Sepia Solutions: Ideagen - Platinum Partner

As one the 20 worldwide partners of Pentana Ltd, Sepia Solutions is the first to be qualified as a “Platinum Partner” or “Level 3 Solution Partner“.

This platinum certificate is an acknowledgement for ‘Excellence in Sales, Service & Product Knowledge‘ as a partner of Ideagen.

What does this mean?

This qualification and label certifies that the partner possesses all the necessary skills not only to use or demonstrate the Pentana software, but also that customers can be assured of quality services such as:

  • Technical implementation
  • Training & consultancy
  • Advanced configuration
  • MS Office template automation
  • Development of two-way templates
  • Data import via MS Excel
  • Development of custom fields
  • Development of custom email rules
  • Data migration & data integration

This label is our achievement and your assurance

Ideagen - Platinum Partner

We take particular pride in this label and look forward to providing these and more quality services to our customers.

Ideagen PLC acquired Pentana Ltd.

Sepia Solutions: Ideagen - Platinum Partner
Sepia Solutions: Ideagen – Platinum Partner

As Ideagen PLC acquired Pentana Ltd. late 2013, the branding was updated to reflect Ideagen. Hence the re-branded certificate and more recent date.

Our way of working

Our way of working is customer-focused and covers implementations from A to Z. Having one point of contact throughout the implementation project makes for very clear and efficient communication.

Being able to deliver all audit software implementation services ensures we are in full control. Unsurprisingly, our track record shows that we deliver projects, on time and within budget.

We have documented how we implement audit management software elsewhere on this site. This approach is obviously successful as illustrated by the many published case studies.

Can we do your implementation too?

Yes, we can implement the Pentana audit management software for you too. But first let us get to know each other. You can introduce your organisation and audit methodology. Following that, we can explain the software and our implementation approach. Based on this conversation we can present an implementation project tailored to you!

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