Arbutus SmartApps

Arbutus Analyzer menu expanded with SmartApps
Arbutus Analytics SmartApps

Arbutus SmartApps are pre-built, ready-for-use analytics that users can run against their own data tables. Through dialog boxes, the SmartApps will ask the user against which tables to run and what fields to use.

These pre-packaged procedures are conveniently available through the menu of Arbutus Analyzer. This structure can easily be expanded by expert users (see “Team Shares”), adding additional frequently used analytics.

What, they are FREE?

Yes indeed. This collection of Arbutus SmartApps automatically gets installed together with your copy of Arbutus Analyzer, so yet they are essentially free of charge.

Which Arbutus SmartApps are there?

By default Arbutus Analyzer installs 69 SmartApps, divided over following 6 categories: Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, General ledger, Inventory, Fraud & compliance, and Fixed assets.

Accounts payable

  • Aging By Invoice Date
  • Duplicate Invoices Or Payments
  • Creditors With Net Debit Balances
  • Creditors With Balances Greater Than Credit Limit
  • Creditors With Total Amounts Greater Than Credit Limit
  • Creditors Transaction Summary
  • Invoices Without PO
  • Transactions Around Specified Date
  • Transactions Posted On Specific Dates
  • Transactions Posted At Specific Times
  • Transactions By Userid
  • Transactions On Weekends
  • Transactions With Rounded Amounts
  • Duplicate Field Search

Accounts receivable

  • Aging By Due Date And Invoice Date
  • Debtors With Balances Greater Than Credit Limit
  • Debtors With Total Amounts Greater Than Credit Limit
  • Debtors With Net Credit Balances
  • Debtors Transaction Summary
  • Transactions Around Specified Date
  • Duplicate Field Search

General ledger

  • Fuzzy Duplicates Testing
  • Journal Entries Balancing
  • Journal Entries Duplicates
  • Journal Entries Missing
  • Journal Entries Weekends
  • Journal Entries Specific Dates
  • Journal Entries Specific Times
  • Journal Entries By User
  • Journal Entries For Users
  • Journal Entries From Period
  • Journal Entries From Period by Journal Source
  • Journal Entries Account Balances By Journal Source
  • Journal Entries Account Balances For Period
  • Journal Entries Large Amounts
  • Journal Entries With Rounded Amounts
  • Journal Entries Amounts Ending 999
  • Journal Entries Summary By Account
  • Journal Entries Summary By Account Combinations
  • Journal Entries With Specific Comments


  • Aging By Receipt Date Totalling Inventory Balance
  • Aging By Receipt Date
  • Recalculate Inventory Balance
  • Calculate Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Zero Or Negative Unit Cost
  • Negative Quantity On Hand
  • Inventory Location Summary
  • Large Inventory Amounts
  • Inventory Received Around Specified Date
  • Last Sales Price Lower Than Unit Cost
  • Compare Sales Price With Unit Cost
  • Inventory Duplicate Field Search

Fraud & compliance

  • Sanctioned Provider Name Matching
  • Suspicious Key Word Matching
  • Transactions In High Risk Countries
  • Repeat Even Dollar Transactions
  • Vendors With Flip Flop Bank Accounts
  • Vendors With Flip Flop Alternate Payee Name
  • Unauthorized Vendor Data Changes
  • Split Payments
  • Invoice Receipt Exceeds Purchase Receipt
  • Overpaid Purchase Orders
  • Word Count Summary
  • Employee Vendor Address Matching

Fixed assets

  • Fixed Asset Additions
  • Asset Category Summary
  • Recalculate Straight Line Depreciation
  • Depreciation Exceeding Cost
  • Fixed Asset Duplicate Field Search

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