Schematic representation of Arbutus Analytics Ecosystem & supporting resources

Just as importantly as the technology is the knowledge there is a lot more!

Data analysis is more than just technology!

Discover the Arbutus ecosystem and the various supporting resources provided by Arbutus Software Inc, Sepia Solutions, and other regional Arbutus partners. This collection of resources illustrates that the Arbutus software user is not alone and can count on many different sources for information and assistance.

Arbutus - Drive your analytics

Arbutus and regional partners

Arbutus Software Inc. is located in Vancouver, Canada and operates worldwide; usually through regional partners in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific & Oceanie, and Latin America.

Arbutus getting started training

Arbutus Analyzer training

We offer all three levels of the certified Arbutus Analyzer training (introductory, intermediate, and advanced). Upon request we can also organise client-specific training or workshop sessions. […]


ArbutusLearning is the Arbutus online learning platform that provides hours of self-study with slides, videos, illustrations and exercises. […]

Arbutus Analyzer menu expanded with SmartApps

Arbutus SmartApps

The Arbutus client Analyzer (Plus) comes with about 70 SmartApps. […]

Word cloud graph created with Arbutus Analyzer 7.0 illustrating SoD issues as colourful collection of transaction types.

Data analysis use cases

Some very specific examples or use cases on data analytics are documented over time. […]

Arbutus Analytics webinars

Arbutus hosts webinars in which features of Arbutus Analytics are highlighted and interesting case studies are illustrated. […]

Sepia Solutions booth at the IIA Bel Relaunch event

Local events

As sponsor to the Belgian chapter of the IIA, Sepia Solutions often works together with the IIA on local events. […]

Using continuous monitoring based on Arbutus technology, our client was able to report exceptions, improve business processes and save over € 4 million.

Success stories

Using the Arbutus technology, our clients are able to report exceptions, improve business processes and save money. […]

Arbutus case studies

Arbutus Software Inc. published these case studies illustrating how clients addressed their challenges by implementing Arbutus technology. […]

Illustration of YouTube

Arbutus YouTube videos

Get a quick impression of specific data analysis features of Arbutus Analytics through these short videos. […]

Illustration for the Arbutus Analytics LinkedIn User Group

LinkedIn user groups

There are several user groups on LinkedIn, including the Arbutus Analytics User Group and the Benelux GRC User Group.


Support and helpdesk

Sepia Solutions provides support for all its clients with an active M&S agreement or subscription. Contact us for assistance so that we can help you with our GRC software. […]

Illustration for the Arbutus Analytics User Forum

Arbutus user forum (knowledge base)

The Arbutus User Forum is actually more of a knowledge base containing countless questions and solutions of a technical or “how to” nature.

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